Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Congressional Candidates "Debate" Rays' Future

An interesting (but ultimately irrellevant) tidbit from my WTSP colleague Preston Rudie, covering the special election in Florida's 13th Congressional District, which

Rudie - via Saint Petersblog - reports Republican David Jolly wants to keep the Rays in Pinellas Co., while Democrat Alex Sink is open to a Hillsborough Co. stadium. 

"Let’s figure out where to put it so we that we can keep the team in the area,” Sink told Rudie.

Congress will likely never voice in on the future of the Rays, but one Pinellas Co. Comissioner (a Democrat) had a snarky response to Jolly's comments:

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  1. "Newsflash!" this is all worthless drama compared to the truth. The plan is in place already, only "time will tell" yinz their plans, like the Gov. only reporting enough to curve the public's curiosity, and withholding the real details for good reason...