Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Arizona Loses Potential Law; Tampa Loses Potential Super Bowl

With Arizona's governor Jan Brewer's veto of a controversial law seen by many as anti-gay, the NFL avoids a potentially inflamatory situation with Super Bowl XLIX.  Sports Illustrated reported the league was considering a possible move from Arizona if the bill became law.

Of course, Arizona's potential gain is Tampa's potential loss, as the Cigar City, a perennial runner-up in the Super Bowl sweepstakes since 2009, was discussed as the logical frontrunner should the NFL leave the Copper State:
The league has begun reviewing the details of Tampa Bay's host bid of late 2011 and will take steps to put an accelerated relocation plan in place, should Arizona's SB 1062 become law and the league's owners vote to move the game. Tampa Bay is seen as the league's first option for the substitute host duties, but it is by no means the NFL's only potential site.
For more on Brewer's controversial veto, continue reading here.

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