Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tampa Bay Sports Commission Responds to Super Bowl Demands Story

All-around good-guy Rob Higgins, Executive Director of the Tampa Bay Sports Commission, responded to the controversial leak of the previously-secret NFL Super Bowl subsidy worksheet:
Agree or disagree, Higgins is very good at what he does and "gets" the importance of heads-in-beds. 


  1. Well, the difference is that he (Higgins) knows all the #'s behind such city events, and we don't. If I had $100 for every debate over local articles about revenues from these events, like FoxNews reports 1 side & MSNBC reports the other when both often don't know the truth like Gov....

    1. Speak for yourself. I read economic development and economic impact reports.

    2. LOL, like you get real inside Gov. numbers, projections, and plans. Again, "if I had $100 for every..."!

    3. Here's the beauty of it, Dufala - every government number, projection, and plan is public record in Florida. Any study they perform or pay for is available to anyone who would like to see it.