Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Food for Thought: Are St. Pete Officials Any More "Selfish" Than Hillsborough's?

This morning in the Trib, a Hillsborough Co. man wrote a letter to the editor suggesting St. Pete's council was "selfish" for looking out for its constituents and the members needed to "grow up."

His sentiments echo frequent Hillsborough feedback on this blog that St. Pete's elected officials are a joke

But Hillsborough fans don't typically realize they're asking St. Pete to make a financial concession to the Rays for the betterment of the Tampa Bay region.

So I pose this hypothetical: if the Rays determined the best place for a future stadium - because of land and financing - was on the Pinellas side of the Howard Frankland Bridge, would Hillsborough County residents be willing to contribute tax dollars toward it?

Some Hillsborough County Commissioners are already on-the-record against a multi-county tax, so maybe it's not that unusual for elected officials to balk at making financial concessions for a facility on the other side of the Bay...even if it is in the "region's" interests?

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