Monday, February 9, 2015

Smorgasbord: Marlins Want More Tax Money, Spring Training Updates, and More

A smorgasbord of good reads:
  1. Miami New Times: The Marlins are apparently haggling with their sugar daddy, Miami-Dade County, over $4.2 million in expenses.  Tim Elfrink starts the story with, "Three full seasons after moving into a ballpark financed by a deal many experts still consider the worst ever for local taxpayers..."
  2. Houston Chronicle: The Florida legislature is moving forward with a land-swap that will ultimately allow the Nationals and Astros to build a new $135 million spring training mega-complex in Palm Beach County.  After 20-30 years worth of financing, it looks like the state would be on the hook for $50 million, the county for $113 million, and the teams for $75 million.
  3. Wallethub: This is a press release, but its interesting - MLB is apparently suing a small internet company over their rather generic-looking logo.  Crain's Chicago Business reports MLB may be close to settling the suit "amicably."
  4. ESPN: Wanna see what kind of renovations the Dolphins want an additional $90 million in tax dollars for? Living rooms on the 30-yard-line! 
  5. Fangraphs: Mike Lortz, of @TBBaseballMkt fame, explores the Rays' troubles with the lack of fans living within 30 minutes of Tropicana Field.  You can also see my 2013 post on it for why a new stadium doesn't necessarily "fix" the problem.
  6. Field of Schemes: The new spending from new stadiums seldom pays for its bills.  Pass it on.

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