Sunday, March 29, 2015

Former Times Columnist Shelton Lands at Local Blogging Network

Former Tampa Bay Times sports columnist Gary Shelton has landed at Extensive Enterprises Media, according to the company's founder, Peter Schorsch.  The company is best-known for its flagship brand, but is also rapidly growing under other brands such as too.

According to a press release, Shelton will "provide unique insight on the intersection of sports and politics."

Wish I had trademarked that tagline a few years back!

“Having Gary join us is about more than an accomplished writer coming aboard," Schorsch continued. "This is about a longtime fan of Gary's -- me -- getting to work with someone I woke up and read almost every day. I could not be more excited."

Shelton, who spent nearly 25 years at the Times and was twice named the top sports columnist in the country by the APSE, will reportedly cover such issues as "the Tampa Bay Rays' stadium saga; the Florida Legislature’s debate over subsidizing sports stadiums; progress on new soccer teams in the state; referendums to attract sports teams to Florida communities; athlete involvement in political campaigns."

Those topics should all sound familiar to readers of this blog, but I welcome a bigger spotlight on the issues that need more good watchdogs.

Which reminds me, I should have also trademarked the Rays' "Stadium Saga" when I had a chance...

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