Friday, March 6, 2015

If MLB Teams Had No Stadium Subsidies, Would They End Spring Training?

If we stopped subsidizing spring training, would MLB teams stop training in Florida?

Doubt it. 

Yet for five years, Governor Scott has supported a subsidy arms race with Florida's only spring training competitor, Arizona.  It seems to be to great benefit to the "special interests" Scott has railed against.

Why not just sign a peace treaty and protect taxpayers, Governor?


  1. If MLB regular season Stadiums had no subsidies, would Alex Rodriguez be able to live on $14 million per year instead of $21 million per year?

  2. Can we light some cash on fire in an empty barrel and call it a day?

    I liked Rick Scott better when he was secretly ripping off taxpayers. This type of upward wealth transfer is just too blatant for my taste. I enjoy subtlety and the suspenseful drama of executives pleading the 5th.

  3. as long as someone is willing to do it, florida would lose a bunch of teams. They would still keep a bunch, but Arizona would be happy to lure some more teams away. Hell, I could see some other state trying to get in on it. What if Texas or SoCal put their best foot forward to try to grab 6 to 8 teams. Your example about Dunedin is a funny one. Does no one else notice how many Canadians have made the Dunedin area their winter home or getaway spot. Why do you think that is? Sure if the Jays left they all wouldn't go. Tons of Canadians have invested in property, but they would slowly bleed those Canadian tourists, who likely wouldn't abandon Florida, but would likely choose other destinations around Florida.