Thursday, December 10, 2015

Food for Thought: Why are Stadium Contracts Different Than Other Business Contracts?

If Stu Sternberg don't like the Rays' current TV deal, why doesn't he just ask FOX Sports to let the team explore alternative options (only in the local market, of course) so they stand a better chance at landing big-name players and keeping baseball successful in Tampa Bay for "generations to come?"

Oh, and while I've got my tongue firmly planted in-cheek, maybe the Rays can also politely ask James Loney to let them out of the $8 million-a-year deal the team agreed to in 2014?

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  1. Economic impact from a NCAA game, what will the Championship bring for Tampa?
    Oh, I forgot we are to remember they ALWAYS lose money!


    2. So should Jacksonville build a new stadium for UF-UGA, if they ask for one? Is a single game worth the investment, if the Jags aren't there already? Your analogy is totally pointless.

    3. Dam dude, your just as naive as the rest of NO'ah's followers. No one is asking for a new stadium there, one on is solely banking on 1 game. The point is investing in infrastructure to draw sporting events to make cities money, especially bigger events like Super Bowls & National Championships...

    4. What relevance does a single football game played in Jacksonville by two out-of-town colleges on one day per year have to the construction of a new baseball stadium?

      Did an independent 3rd party do the economic analysis or did a mayor's office and a local chamber of commerce member conjure up some numbers?

    5. "8 out of 10 visitors to St. Petersburg-Clearwater believe that Dufala is in over his head."

    6. "Hotels, naturally, had patronage from out-of-town guests, and there was a total of 37,270 booked rooms in the area. The bookings alone generated $3.6 million – an increase of $200,000 from 2014.
      Business sales, meanwhile, had an increase accounted for $20,340,063 of the economic impact, up about $1 million from last year.", totaling $35 million...
      If you don't believe $35 million cut it in half, $17.5 million was pumped in to Jax economy, "don't believe that # cut it in half again, cut it in half again, so Jax profited $4.4 million, either or, they made money BECAUSE of the event their stadium hosted...
      The "relevance" is this blog doesn't believe sporting events that cities stadiums host helps make their city money, and my point is that this regular season game made money, why wouldn't a Super Bowl or NCAA Championship that Raymond James hosts that the city paid for?
      And a baseball stadium would do the same...

    7. Pssst - Dufala - you don't need to pump another $100M into your shiny new stadium every 15 years to keep games like UGA/UF coming back - they've been playing (and partying) at whatever stadium Jacksonville has had for 100 years now!

  2. Or they can trade Loney, duh! Unlike most readers of this post that don't even follow the team know, we do have players that can fill 1st base for less $.
    Also, isn't dumb to question the smartest guy in the room on his decisions?

  3. Dufala, the whooshing sound is the point flying over your head. Noah is right. There is no defensible difference between renegotiating an existing stadium agreement or an existing employment agreement.

    If you want out early, pay me. And the price is whatever I want it to be. Otherwise, STFU already. Put it in writing--with real money--hard money--in immediate 2015 dollars--or don't waste my time.