Friday, December 25, 2015

POLL: Little Consensus on Where Tampa Bay Should Put New Rays Stadium - or if it Should Even Bother

Exclusive polling by 10News WTSP and the Tampa Bay Times reveals 60% of respondents said they had significant cares about keeping the team long-term. But 39% had "little" or "no" cares about keeping the Rays in Tampa Bay.

Six-hundred fifty individuals across Tampa Bay were interviewed for the poll via landline and cell phone earlier this month, with a 4% margin of error.

Of the 60% of respondents who said they said they cared significantly about keeping the team in Tampa Bay, 40% said they cared "a lot" while 20% said they cared "somewhat." Also, 12% of respondents said they cared only "a little" about keeping the team, while 27% said they didn't care at all.

More Pinellas residents said they cared about keeping the Rays than Hillsborough residents. In Hillsborough, 32% of respondents said they cared "a lot" about keeping the Rays, while 31% said they "didn't care at all."

When asked where a new stadium - if constructed - should go, 25% of respondents said at the current site in Downtown St. Pete; 25% said near the Tampa Fairgrounds; 18% said Mid-Pinellas/Gateway; 13% said Downtown Tampa; and 6% said Tampa's Westshore district.

Read more from 10News WTSP or the full poll results from the Tampa Bay Times.

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  1. lol, 25% said the Fairgrounds w/ only 13% said downtown Tampa, it's probably save to say none of them are in sports management or sports economics...
    With 40% "cares a lot" & over 4 million in the Tampa Bay area that should mean the Rays should have 1.6 mill. attendees a game, or at least a sellout, right?

    1. If 'cares a lot' directly translates into attendees at games, then every game played to date at the Trop should have been a sellout, right?

    2. Considering that an average of 66% of tickets sold in the MLB are sold to corporations, general public polls only address 33% of the potential attendance numbers and their interest to get tickets from corporations.

      And the conversion of interest into buying a real ticket is always a more complex process, for any cities and any sports events.

      Regarding your logic of 1.6M per game considering 40% cares, we just all hopes this is a sarcastic comment, way of thinking. Right?

      Finally, conducting a poll with results that we can draw meaningful informations and conclusions (even for assumptions) must be well structured like this study in Montreal.

      Otherwise, this is just a little picture in time with no context, just to have something to talk about.