Wednesday, April 6, 2016

4 Quick Rays Links Worth Your Clicks

Hopefully you're caught up on the must-read links you needed before Opening Day, because here are the four must-read links you need after Opening Day:
  1. Rob Manfred said all the typical things you'd expect a commissioner to say at a Tropicana Field opener, plus one thing you'd never catch his predecessor saying: "Deadlines aren't helpful on issues regarding new stadium negotiations."  The video is worth a watch, check it out here:
  2. Another quick watch worthy of your time is Stu Sternberg's annual opening day comments:
  3. The Trop somehow placed just 15th on a (probably poorly-sourced) list of "most affordable stadiums in MLB"; cited "higher than average" ticket prices in placing them smack in the middle of the list of affordability.
  4. And finally, if you needed any more reminder to be skeptical of all those spring training economic impact reports and stories, has a really harsh takedown that's worth reading.  It makes you wonder why Florida constantly trips over itself to hand MLB more money...and why the economic impact reports are never worth the cost of the paper they're printed on.
Go Rays!

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  1. Man, it must be really tough these days to be a MLB franchise owner. And every dollar "not created" comes out of their pockets.

    As Ann Romney said: "Money was so tight in college, we almost had to sell some stock."

    Totally, impossibly, absurdly clueless.

    1. Well I'd much rather see it come out of billionaire owners' pockets, most of which have already screwed their local taxpayer base, than out of our taxpayer pockets.