Monday, April 18, 2016

Rays Give Small Suburb the Time of Day; Media Celebrate with New Round of Speculation

Are the Rays really considering a possible stadium in Oldsmar?

Probably not, and it would seem to be a silly idea...but for argument's sake:

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  1. desperate times indeed....

  2. How bout our Rays winning against your(Noah's) Red Sox?

  3. Not only is it already a traffic nightmare, Oldsmar is very low lying. Area around Eagles/Tampa Bay Downs floods routinely. Even a moderate hurricane would flood the stadium. Maybe they're considering a stadium on stilts.

  4. Hi,

    I live in Atlanta now and I grew up in Lakeland with family in Pinellas County, so I'm reasonably familiar with Tampa Bay area. I just want to put the suburban Braves stadium in context with Tampa. It is still well within the core metro Atlanta area in the "inner" suburbs (closer to the city than the majority of Atlanta metro residents). It's in a part of the city that a huge number of people commute through (far, far past) every day and adjacent to a significant commercial area. I would want to compare it to maybe the Westshore Plaza/Airport area, the State Fairgrounds, or around Roosevelt, 275, & Ulmerton. Of course, the Tampa Bay area is harder to balance because of the distributed population centers all up and down Pinellas County compared to Atlanta's more singular/radial population center/distribution.

    Still, comparing the Oldsmar idea to the new Braves suburban stadium site is not justifiable. Oldsmar is pretty far out from both Tampa and the Pinellas population centers.

    Also, the Braves are taking a lot of heat for the move. There is no meaningful public transit to and from the area (though Turner Field isn't great either). Traffic in that area is already awful-awful-awful on weekday evenings before adding the stadium. And there are some very understandable racial undertones with moving to the northern, i.e. white, suburbs.

    1. Fair points. The Braves move is ridonkulous.