Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Catching Up on Lost Reading: Rowdies/Rays, Stadium Subsidies, and More

So much good sports business reading...so little time.

Here are a few good links I've come across in recent weeks worth some attention:
  1. Tampa Bay Times: St. Pete may have to choose between Rays and Rowdies - I couldn't agree more, even if Bill Edwards decides to foot the entire $80 million stadium bill and $150 million MLS expansion fee himself.  As I've written before, there's just not enough disposable income and population to support another major pro team in Tampa Bay, let alone St. Pete.
  2. Fangraphs: Relocation less common in MLB than other leagues - Past performance isn't an indicator of future performance...except when it gives a glimpse into MLB's hesitance to move franchises around, despite its proclivity to threaten to do so.
  3. Bloomberg: Brooklyn is dumping the Islanders - Apparently, the Barclays Center is realizing it was losing money on hockey and despite an "ironclad lease," the Islanders could be homeless by 2018.
  4. Tampa Bay Times op-eds: the case for and the case against public spending on sports stadiums.
  5. Bloomberg also chimed in on the case for spending money on pro stadiums.
  6. Joe Henderson: Build your own damn stadium, ballpark, or arena - Good questions why struggling municipalities continue to be expected to pay for billionaires' businesses.

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  1. Real reporting? http://ntneighborhoodnews.com/2017/01/college-football-championship-game-fans-helped-fill-new-tampas-hotels/

    1. We already know Noah, like you say, if they weren't spending their money on going to the Championship game at Raymond James, they would of all came from SC & AL to visit Pinchasers instead, huh, lol...

    2. Fill those hotels! Send your local money to corporations in other states!