Friday, January 6, 2017

Please Stop Acknowledging "Economic Impact Reports"

Don't ever believe anything you hear from economic impact reports - ESPECIALLY if the party that initiated it has a vested interest in the outcome.

But alas, our politicians fail to grasp this concept. So I brought my boss' 4-year-old son in to explain:

You can read the rest of the article here.

Or, any number of previous posts I've written on the topic.

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  1. Noah: "Maybe money & time well spent, we'll just never know, because (reporters aren't good enough) to find out."

    Porter: "It doesn't matter if it works, it only matters if people think it works", just like negative reporting to falsely spin facts to sound right, "It doesn't matter if (it's accurate), it only matters if people think (your right)"...
    Which is how we ended up with a Trump for president. He bullshitted his way around facts, and 1/2 the people stupidly believed him, and now we're seeing the aftermath of broken promises pileup...

    It's cool Noah, I love the same naive people that would think your bit was right, I make a lot of money on them same people, they pay any price for cars w/o question...

    Though we "can't knock" your hustle Noah, in sells, which is what your doing because you have NO FACTS, corny sells, and real researched facts don't...

    1. Dufala, if only we knew which 50% of the two of us was BSing our way around facts, aimlessly following the herd and believing everything we hear!

      My money is on you :)

  2. While the so called economist & reporters were in the house, I spent the whole weekend in Clearwater Beach, and seen, talked to, and partied with THOUSANDS of people from Carolinas (Panthers @ Bucs that Sun.), Iowa, and North Florida (Outback Bowl that Mon.), THOUSANDS of people, and that was just in Clearwater Beach, here spending THOUSANDS, BECAUSE of Raymond James, you know, the stadium yinz say wasn't worth the investment. A real reporter would not sit back and find the one person that believes his OPINIONS, but go interview some of the local businesses in downtown, West Shore or Clearwater Beach to finally get a real understanding of real live economics... But, why do that? Hearing facts straight from the horses is for other people...

    1. When Spring Training went on strike in 1994, Florida's tax receipts showed zero sign of strain. Economy did just as well without baseball. Enormous majority of people come here each winter & spring for weather first.

    2. lol, is that your sticking point from some report from 20 years from some guy in Ohio? A report that you didn't even investigate. I commented about the thousands of visitors I "seen, talked to, and partied with" that was here spending thousands BECAUSE of RayJay, and you try to point out some unreliable article about Spring Training 20 years ago? How much do they pay you to re-report fringe articles? If that's what passes to become some reporter for CBS in a top 15 market, then maybe I'm in the wrong business. I mean, really...

      But, I'll play along...
      1) Your trying to use examples from over 20 years ago from some yahoo from Akron.
      2) Any real sports fan understands the drop off in numbers during baseball's strike.
      3) Sales tax revenue fluctuates, and "newsflash", the US was in the mist of a recession during that time.
      4) His findings DON'T include a range of time of the amount of people that moved to that town because of Spring Training, bought houses, cars, other businesses that opened because of the increase of population. Example, Dunedin got the Blue Jays in 79', not everyone moved their at once in "1995".
      5) It's obvious you haven't been to a Spring Training Game, or Clearwater Beach when the Bucs are hosting a team that weekend, or Super Bowl gatherings, or downtown Tampa during the Cup playoffs or ANY other major event, and so on to see the impact for yourself, which is what real reporters do...

      Besides, even those that sit in the house looking for articles online that try to back a digressive narrative, has enough common sense to know that more then "zero" people comes to town because of Spring Training, that more then "zero" people lives in Dunedin because of the Blue Jays or lives in Bradenton because of the Pirates, etc.. You can say whatever, but I've seen the influx with my own two eyes while working between 2 hotels on us19 used by the Phillies, and thier fans, the visiting teams and thier fans that stayed at the same hotels, and the independent leagues as well that used the BrightHouse fields around the year. I'm not some lemming from Canadian conservative that doesn't follow sports, I'm a local sports junkie that has his ear to the streets, and one that has "common sense"...

      PS., the Yankees stadium upgrade was only $13 million from TSA, and is basically a loan, because the Yankees are set to pay that back over the course of their lease, and which doesn't include any of influx to our economy from visitors or staycationors...

  3. Your twin actor Elyes Gabel would be proud of your acting skills, lol...

  4. I visited Florida multiple times before I moved here and it was never to see a football game, hockey game, basketball game, or baseball game.

  5. A great interview of Hillsborough County Commish Hagan talking about local stadiums...

  6. Revenue that's hard to count, from a 200k investment 20 years ago, revenue that this blog won't talk about...

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