Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Hillsborough Pitches Rays Stadium Proposal - Now What?

Hillsborough County's Ken Hagan surprised his fellow commissioners, county staffers, and probably even the Rays today, when he announced he had cobbled together 14 acres of land near Ybor City for a possible Rays stadium in Tampa.

It seemed most media outlets in town were called to his office, except mine, WTSP-TV. Shocker, really.

Maybe its because I've always said land isn't the biggest problem in the Stadium Saga; funding is.  And guess what?  It still is.

Here was other immediate reaction and perspective:

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  1. 15 acres? That's room to fit the stadium only -
    and barely at that - and nothing else. Where will all the cars park? Plus no room for any real future development.

    At what cost? For the land? (direct or indirect)
    What about the stadium itself?

    Who's gonna pay for it?

  2. The Rays need to follow the Oakland A's professed path for a new stadium - 100% privately funded.

  3. Though I (like most) thought this news would of dropped years ago, knowing the plan has been in place since, but as a long time commentor on this blog, I can finally say I told you so...
    Please keep distracted by wondering how it'll be paid for while the real work keeps moving forward, all the way to the first pitch at Publix Park...

    1. You promised a deal was coming soon like four years ago. We are still waiting on "a deal."

    2. Couldn't have a deal before Vinnik's.