Thursday, February 8, 2018

Buckhorn Calls Hagan "Bush League" After Commissioner Goes Lone Wolf

So, once again, Hillsborough Commissioner Ken Hagan goes all lone wolf, leaking news of a Friday Ybor City stadium press conference to a local sports reporter he knew wouldn't ask tough questions about secret negotiations, troubling stadium situations in nearby cities, or how many tax dollars will be asked on this project.

That hasn't gone over well, with several county commissioners venting to me this week about Hagan's lack of transparency, and Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn UNLOADING on Hagan for keeping him out of the loop for a second time in three months, calling the commissioner "bush league" and a "minor league politician."

I'm not expecting much real "news" from tomorrow's press conference, since we already knew the Rays were negotiating financials with Hillsborough and they'd love to move across the bay if someone will build them a stadium.

But here are the tweets that stand out from a busy evening:

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  1. Please read:
    "Grade F: The Math Simply Fails for a Stadium Relocation" posted at

  2. Irregardless of what we're hearing from all the naysayers,the Rays are done with St Pete and will end up at the Ybor site. Sternberg wouldn't have gone this far in endorsing the Ybor site if he had any real doubts about it happening!

    1. Don't assume that - Sternberg needs taxpayers to open up their wallets - he can't do that without taking all this time to do a "site search" and downplaying the financing talks. Hillsborough just doesn't have the money to make it work.

  3. Fingers crossed that the Rays can find a way to fund this thing and we can finally put all if this stadium nonsense to rest!

  4. My feeling are if the Rays cannot move to Tampa, then there're going to relocate out of state. The present site just isn't working.