Monday, February 26, 2018

Rays to Finally Cash in on TV Ratings

For all their attendance struggles, the Rays have had great TV ratings over the years.  And finally, it appears they'll cash in on that long-anticipated value, reportedly inking a 15-year TV deal with Fox Sports worth an average $82 million per year, starting in 2019, according to Sports Business Daily.

This deal was not unexpected:

In 2010, I wrote how the Rays' budget problems would be remedied by their impending windfall of TV bucks.

In 2012, I wrote how MLB TV revenues were on-pace to soon dwarf ticket revenues.

In 2015, I wrote how the Rays quietly extended their TV deal, delaying their mega-windfall by what we now know is a couple years.

In 2016, I wrote how the Rays (and every other team) hauled in some $50 million each from selling off a piece of equity in MLB Advanced Media.

So yes, the Rays have a ton of new revenue about to pour in...but its likely not "new" revenue that the team is all of a sudden going to commit to payroll or a new stadium;  they are revenues the team was already budgeting.

That deal, according to Sports Business Daily, by the way, will reportedly increase the Rays' TV deal from $35 million in 2018 to $50 million in 2019, climbing all the way through 2033.

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  2. Assuming uniformly ascending amounts:
    2019 $50
    2020 $55
    2021 $59
    2022 $64
    2023 $68
    2024 $73
    2025 $77
    2026 $82
    2027 $87
    2028 $92
    2029 $96
    2030 $101
    2031 $106
    2032 $110
    2033 $114