Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oops, They Did it Again!

In case you're counting at home, this morning's cover story updating us on the number of empty seats at the Trop marks the paper's third cover in the last eight days dedicated to the topic. It's their sixth New Stadium Cheerleading effort in the past month.

Apparently it's a big enough story to squeeze onto the front page (above the fold) alongside Gov. Crist's major Senate announcement today and the growing, flaming oil spill in the Gulf.


  1. Well ... yeah, it is a big story. Folks here are going to either have to shell out hundreds of millions of dollars for a new stadium -- or else close the book on a decades-long effort to bring a major league team to the area. That's sort of, I dunno, a big deal. I take it you don't think so? Odd.

  2. But the stories don't address what it would mean to taxpayers. Or what's new about the saga. The stories generally re-hash old articles (or completely copy them) about what's wrong with the Trop.

    But that's not the story right now. The story is how the Rays and the municipalities are quietly trying to leverage to get a better deal on a new stadium.