Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Awful Attendance; Rays ready to talk stadium?

It's no fan's obligation to actually go to a baseball game. I think it's perfectly alright to root your team on from in front of the television - especially in this tough economy.

But with as well as the Rays are playing, there are surely a LOT of Rays fans who are missing some GREAT baseball. And honestly, a great baseball experience at The Trop too.

The team has turned in some awful attendance numbers lately, and of course, the team's official New Stadium Cheerleader, The Tampa Trib, included a column on it.

But while Joe Henderson points out the team is 17th in the league in attendance so far, he doesn't point out that the Rays haven't finished a season higher than 23rd in the league since their first season. So 17th doesn't sound so bad.

And while he also points out that "home series this week against Oakland and Kansas City" are likely to hurt their numbers even more, he doesn't point out that their 24,275 average so far was despite two series against lousy teams. Their only good draw so far - against the Yankees - took place on a weekend, where they draw pretty well anyway.

Yes, attendance is a problem. 10,691 on Wednesday night is unacceptable. But when a dozen teams are drawing WORSE than the Rays are drawing right now, MLB needs to get its player salaries in-line so teams can afford a real lineup when the economy hits attendance numbers.

As for the future of a stadium, talks have been at a standstill because, well, the Rays aren't ready to talk yet.

But team president Matt Silverman told WTVT today that they could initiate talks with the City of St. Pete this summer.

It's going to be a long and painful process regardless of what happens...but at least Silverman indicates the team is a little more willing to work with the other parties involved.


  1. The team president is Matt Silverman. Those were his comments, not Stu's.

  2. Oops. Late-night brain fart. Corrected. Thanks.

  3. Bull. Fans buy tickets. They show up. That's why they're called fans.

  4. So you can't be a fan if you're unemployed and can't afford the $30+ experience? You can't be a fan if you live in Charlotte County and can't make the drive?

    Remember the days when fans would root their team on from in front of the radio? When a dad could take his kid to one game a year and it would be a big deal?

    A lot of fans choose to root on the Rays from in front of the TV (the ratings prove it) and yes, the team makes a lot of money this way too.

  5. I'm unemployed right now and I live in Collier County and I was at last Saturday's game and six games last year. Tickets are more affordable than the movies or a theme park and you can bring your own food in. Not to mention you get to watch the best team in baseball. I know as much as anyone that times are tough, but give it a try if you can manage folks. I think you'll enjoy it.