Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rays "Not Prepared" to Answer Tough Question

The ABC Coalition visited Pinellas County's Tourist Development Council today, and St. Pete City Council Chair Leslie Curran had a chance to speak directly to Rays Senior VP Michael Kalt.

"Do you want to stay in St. Pete?" she asked, according to the Tampa Tribune.

Kalt's response was: "That's not a question we're prepared to answer right now...we want to stay in the Tampa Bay area and find the best place to play."

If you read between the lines here, the Rays are saying that they aren't ready to talk stadium because nobody has presented them an attractive stadium plan since the waterfront deal fell apart.

But you can bet the team wouldn't mind St. Pete officials getting nervous about losing the just might prompt someone to step up and lead the charge for a new publically-financed stadium.

Of course, as I explained nearly a year ago - long before the ABC Coalition repeated it - the Rays have always wanted out of Downtown St. Petersburg. Toytown will be the focal point of a new stadium if there ever is one in Tampa Bay.

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