Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Texas Rangers Auction

Incredibly interesting stuff out of Dallas this morning as a federal judge holds a bankrupcy auction for the Texas Rangers, just the second MLB team ever auctioned.

The two biggest bidders are expected to a group led by Rangers' great Nolan Ryan, and a group led by Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban. Bidding is expected to top $323 million.

If Ryan's group wins the auction, the MLB process to approve the sale and allow the team to chase free agents like Cliff Lee in the offseason is expected to be swift.

However, if Cuban, the outspoken billionare who ruffles feathers on a regular basis in the NBA, wins, the process could take more than nine months to complete. It could mean disaster for the 2011 Rangers. And a much longer, more painful problem for the team if Cuban is rejected by the super-tight MLB-owners network.

Cuban is already trying to force the issue with what could be considered a semi-hostile takeover of the process. And if MLB puts up a fight to a winning Cuban bid, some of their deepest, darkest secrets - such as revenue sharing numbers - could come out in court.

I wish this kind of thing was televised as it's way more interesting to me than many actual sporting events. But since it's not, I'm following CBS 11's live blog. Afterward, Maury Brown's Biz of Baseball site will be the place to be for analysis.

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