Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tropicana Field Catwalks: My Trip to the Top

They've been a source of discussion, ridicule, and controversy. But despite all the recent coverage, Tropicana Field's catwalks also remain a source of intrigue.

After Minnesota's Jason Kubel helped the Twins beat the Rays on Aug. 5 by drilling a single off the dome's uppermost "A" ring, I set off to scale the stadium's scant structure and find the spot - 190 feet above the field - that just two balls have ever reached during a game.

Sitting that high over the infield with nothing under me other than a metal grate, I couldn't stop sweating profusely. Sure, it was nearly 100 degrees up there and humid...but my heart was also pounding away from the fear.

You can read more here or watch the video below:

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