Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Henderson Column: "Taxpayers Have Paid for Enough Stadiums"

Tampa Tribune columnist Joe Henderson has never loved the idea of taxpayer dollars for stadiums, but now that he's opining in the paper's "Metro" section, he's taking a harder line against subsidies.

Almost two years after writing "a new stadium is what it costs to keep the team," Henderson wrote this morning that "between the Bucs, Lightning and Yankees, Hillsborough taxpayers have paid for enough stadiums. I love baseball, but business is business."

He joins the chorus of columnists urging Mayor Foster to cooperate with the Rays and for Stu Sternberg to reveal his financials (good luck with that). However, Henderson doesn't suggest how to break the stalemate.

In fact, his column merely reiterates why we're in the Stadium Saga: the Rays would be better off with a stadium in Tampa, yet nobody has any money to pay for it.

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