Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mayor Foster Sets Meeting with Stu Sternberg

Mayor Bill Foster finally has an offseason meeting scheduled with Rays' owner Stu Sternberg. The two will meet at Tropicana Field later this month.

But while the meeting may be long-awaited for Rays fans, it doesn't expect to be terribly productive for new stadium supporters. Foster is unlikely to bend much when he has a contract that ties the team down for 16 more years and Sternberg is unlikely to stop insisting Tampa Bay take a regional approach to keeping the team.

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Foster's summer criticisms of the team's marketing efforts may make the meeting a little uncomfortable, but it's not like Sternberg hasn't rocked the boat in recent months, either.

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  1. Exactly. And so he should. Foster is mayor of a town in a state which are both facing large economic shortfalls. We've already fronted ongoing millions of dollars for that stadium and to commit even more money for it, going to a greedy, stupid owner like Sternberg, is pure folly.

    Let him open the books, buyout the remaining years/money owed on his contract/land, or just sit tight and put his greed in check. Any fool arguing that a new, publicly-financed stadium will guarantee a winning team should look across the bay to Tampa and the dismal records of both the Lightning and the Bucs.

    I really wonder how stupid Tampa voters would be to commit even more millions of non-existent public dollars to another group of billionaires.