Monday, January 9, 2012

Rays Build a Playground, A's Build a Stadium???

If you build it, they will come.

As predicted, during a Rays' playground-building event, Stu Sternberg saved some time to chat about the Rays' stadium saga. But after reading this story from the Trib's Roger Mooney, I was blown away:

The A's have a new stadium in San Jose???

Mooney wrote, "With the Marlins set to play in a new stadium and the A's moving out of Oakland, the Rays are the last team looking for a new stadium."

Of course, the A's don't have a new home yet and their stadium saga is almost as messy as the Rays'...but I digress.

Back to Sternberg, the Tampa Bay Times reports that the Rays' owner didn't have much new to say about the saga or his Jan. 17 meeting with Mayor Foster (first reported on Shadow of the Stadium). It quotes Sternberg as saying, "it's good to communicate" and "if (Foster) has something to chat about other than normal chatting that would be great."

And while that meeting between the shrewd team owner and the shrewd lawyer-turned-mayor is just 8 days away now, it wouldn't be wise to bet on the high-stakes impasse ending anytime matter how much the recently-rebranded Tampa Bay Times wishes it would.

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