Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Luke Scott Won't be Sharing Fenway's 100th Birthday Cake

On the week that "America's Most Beloved Ballpark" turns 100, Tampa Bay's Luke Scott - known more for his controversial political comments - took a swat at Fenway Park.

The Rays' new designated hitter called the park a "dump" that needs replacing, while subtley implying - without identifying it by name - that he's happier in stadiums like Tropicana Field.

Of course, a decade ago, Scott would have been in the majority of baseball types hating on Fenway, but by re-shaping the perceptions about the park, it's gone from one of the most-criticized to one of the most-beloved.

Scott and the Rays won't get to celebrate Fenway's centennial on Friday in Boston; instead it'll be the Sox' close friends from the Bronx in town for an afternoon affair. It's a safe bet the ratio of cake to people will be too big for Derek Jeter to get a slice.

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