Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Romano on St. Pete's Ironclad Contract

The Tampa Bay Times' John Romano used today's column to explain why the Rays can't break their contract with St. Petersburg:
"If (the contract isn't ironclad), it is pretty close to it. The city has sent more than one letter warning others to watch what they say about the Rays moving out of Tropicana.

Bankruptcy might eventually be a weapon for the Rays and MLB. More than likely, a negotiated settlement would come first.
It's something I've written about before, as has the Times, but the newspaper still makes the seemingly-hypocritical argument that St. Pete should take immediate action to negotiate its way out of the favorable contract.

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  1. Yeah, he was on the radio yesterday saying pretty much the same thing.

    Unfortunately they didn't bother taking calls and the host let him spew all his usual nonsense w/o challenging him on a SINGLE point. He actually attempted to use Miami as a valid case for stadium rebuilding and funding. I have had it with his ridiculous editorializing for something that is unneeded and a horrible deal for the taxpayers of this city and state. Not to mention his paper hasn't met a single project they dont think should be showered in money.

    I only hope Foster has the sense and knowledge to knock this idiot down and ignore his weak arguments. Why have a contract if you just get to ignore it? Romano should pull his head out of his ass and do some research instead of just endlessly cheerleading for MLB...