Sunday, April 1, 2012

More Backhanded Jabs at Mayor Foster

The Tampa Bay Times sure isn't letting up on it's new favorite punching bag, St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster. Even when they aren't directly slamming the mayor for his approach toward the Rays' Stadium Saga, they're taking backhanded jabs at him through an editorial praising his Tampa counterpart, Bob Buckhorn:
Buckhorn has been looking at institutions throughout Tampa Bay as regional assets, from the Tampa Bay Rays and the gulf beaches to the area's colleges and universities...that sort of open discussion and brainstorming is how leaders in metro areas should work together to preserve and enhance shared assets.
Then, former sports columnist John Romano penned his own story criticizing Foster's leadership on another topic:

This is what a bureaucrat does:

Works within the system. Says please and thank you. Follows rules, avoids independent thinking and, above all else, protects the status quo.

This is what a leader does:

Leads. All the time. No matter the consequences.

Which brings us to the embarrassment that is the St. Petersburg Police Department's headquarters. The place is a dump. It is too small, too antiquated, too dangerous.
So if you're not going to fight for this cause, what will you fight for?

In other news, you should take a few minutes to listen to an interesting Biz of Baseball podcast from Field of Schemes' Neil deMause on the Rays' and Marlins' stadium issues.

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