Thursday, May 30, 2013

Is the Channelside "Fix" In for Vinik?

Front-and-center in the Tampa Bay Times today were accusations that the fix is in for city leaders to sell Tampa's struggling Channelside entertainment complex to Lightning owner Jeffrey Vinik.

The criticisms and complaints come from the two bidders who were rejected by Tampa's Port Authority, which controls the property.  And while Vinik has long been seen as the great hope that could re-ignite the downtown district, he has been quiet on the sidelines for months ever since he "suspended" his frustrating pursuit of Channelside.

That leads the rebuffed bidders to cry foul:
Since the vote, Liberty remained silent — until Wednesday. Govindaraju and Shah told the Tampa Bay Times they don't know why talks that started so well could end so badly.

In hindsight, they now believe the port set them up to fail.

"Based on a mountain of evidence," Shah said, "we don't believe the Tampa Port Authority was negotiating with us in good faith."
Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn wasn't quoted in the article, but he is one of the Port Authority's most influential members.


  1. Of course! I been saying it for over a year on here, other media sites, and to friends & family. It's all a part of bigger plan. Tampa isn't interested in just building a few restaurants here, putting a ballpark way over there, fixing up that. They want to, and have the unique opportunity to build a entertainment spot that will rival any other place in the US, and Bob, Jeff, Stu, and others isn't going to let anyone get in the way. And, why not? It makes sense. Disney isn't in separate parts Orlando, either is it's counterparts like SeaWorld or Wet & Wild, they're all together as a one stop shop for your entertainment fix, and that same concept will draw people from America's favorite vacation spot down i4 to here!!!
    Now I know Noah, your a digressive, and a "against anything gov." person, and think leaving all that space around ConAgra Foods is better then spending a dime on Tampa's future, and would just be a waste, but if look at the bigger picture, and have younger family that will reek the benefits of revenue for the next century you would favor the plan, kind of like "Patriot place" or "LA Live", but with year round sports that will probably include soccer as well...
    (I tried posting the link that backs my theory, but since TBO changed it's website for the worst, all the archives back in the better days of TBO isn't accessible.)

    1. I think you'd be surprised if you know me. I could give you a long resume to rebut your "digressive/against anything government" claim:

    2. I know, I just like the banter, though most of your articles could give one that impression of being more of a digressive. That's cool in digressive towns & cities, but Tampa is more progressive then most. Plus, create thinking then a simply no helps...

  2. There's nothing that can be built at Channelside or anywhere else in the bay area that will "...draw people (away) from America's favorite vacation spot..".
    "Reaping' the benefits" of an excessively taxpayer subsidized boondoggle in an area that does not have the economic strength of greater Boston or wishful thinking. Comparing Tampa to those markets is apples vs. oranges.
    Young(er) families don't have the discretionary $$$'s now for expensive amusements, unlike the bubble 90's.

    TPA is using the Bud Selig model for their inside job.
    Help your friends and freeze out others who may be better suited for the job because they aren't FoB - friends of Bud.

  3. Wow! Really PJ? Do you live under a rock? Ask Cocoa Beach about how many vacationers on vacation in Orlando they attract, and Channelside is only 3-5 miles more. Plus, you think Tampa doesn't have the economic strength? Just because Tampa isn't NY or LA, and the unemployment rate is a lil' higher doesn't mean Stu, Jeff, or any other of the thousands of millionaires living in the Tampa Bay area,and the other millions of workers & retirees doesn't have money. Why is there close to a dozen new high rises slated to be built around downtown? Or how about the thousands of newly built condos along Channelside? Or how about how everyone wants to own Channelside's complex, or how Vinnik is on the verge of building a small retail & dinning district across the street from the Forum...
    While your stuck in 90's (bubble days) or the days of the financial freeze 4-5 years ago, Tampa's future is happening, and if you simply just read more then the "Negative-Nancy-like" FOXNEWS reports like TBO you would understand...
    And, as far is Bud Selig, don't sell-him-short. Him & Stu knows what there doing, and what the Rays are going to do, it's just takes time, and that being an outsider we don't know until it happens, that's we debate on forum & blogs like this, where there's opinions like yours that Tampa's broke & future is bleak, like mine that the area between downtown & Channelside dr. is slated to become a mecca for entertainment, like Noah's that they'll play at the Trop until a hurricane blows it over because Hillsborough won't invest in there future, and then there's the truth that only people like Bob, Jeff, Stu, and Bud know... lol

  4. B. Dufala:

    You state:
    "Ask Cocoa Beach about how many vacationers on vacation in Orlando they attract, and Channelside is only 3-5 miles more."

    Orlando is 85 miles from Tampa. Cocoa Beach is 60 miles from Orlando.

    Please clarify.


    1. So you agree about the future of Channelside, because all that and your only comeback was the difference in mileage between Cocoa & Tampa, though we're talking about drawing the 17 million people that visit Disney World which is 69 miles to Channelside drive & 3 miles less at 66 miles to Cocoa Beach which receives 2.4 million "day trippers" annually...

  5. I don't respond to unrealistic and incorrect yammerings from what sounds like a beard for those who have a financial interest in the Rayz in Tampa.

  6. B. Dufala, what proof or evidence do you have that sports teams are beneficial to communities? Go read this