Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sorry Florida, You Must Learn Your (Super Bowl) Lesson

Sorry Florida, you must learn your lesson.

That's the message from NFL owners this afternoon, who awarded the next two Super Bowls to Santa Clara, Calif., and Houston, respectively.

It was pretty clear Miami would have landed one of the games had the legislature played ball with stadium renovations, but once the bid was shot down, the writing was on the wall.

Unfortunately for Tampa, Raymond James Stadium may become a victim of the stadium silliness and get shut out of games as well until the legislature gives in to NFL demands.

And with Atlanta getting a new stadium soon, as well as eventual Miami renovations down the road, Tampa may be playing an awfully long waiting game....one that might even lead to the league "suggesting" the region rehab RayJay if it wants another Super Bowl?


  1. "It was pretty clear Miami would have landed one of the games", says who? Because we know you didn't do any real reporting to find out if Miami would or wouldn't of gotten the nod over SF & Houston. Maybe the gov. knew they could delay the funds for the renovation to Joe Robbie stadium till next year or so knowing Miami wasn't going to get a SB (which is the cashcow to offset the grant) for another few years. Never thought of it that way Noah, didja!
    Besides, Tampa will probably get a MLB All-Star game at the new Trop @ Channelside before we get another SB!

    1. With the addition of Santa Clara and Houston to the upcoming list of Super Bowl sites, it will mean that the 15 Super Bowls played during the years 2003-2017 will have taken place in 12 different cities:
      San Diego
      Houston (2)
      Miami (2)
      Phoenix (2)
      New Orleans
      New Jersey
      Santa Clara

      So is it really worth losing any sleep over not getting a super bowl once every 10 years at best? Is it worth wasting one more nickel of public funds to feed the greedy NFL machine?

    2. Beazy, I never thought of it that way because it's not true.

    3. "Beazy, I never thought of it that way because it's not true.", AND you know they didn't purposely delay the funding with having time until the next SB in Miami oppose to never funding the renovating because of the in-depth investigating & reporting you did, huh? lol, things aren't always just black & white...

    4. The Dolphins rushed the funding at light speed because they wanted Super Bowl L. The legislature - despite heavy lobbying - threw a wrench in their plans.

      What part of that do you disagree with?

    5. That the gov. did some "reporting" & "investigating" figuring out that Miami wasn't going to get SB/L...

  2. "Is it worth wasting one more nickel of public funds to feed the greedy NFL", YES!, if you can get back a quarter for every nickle...
    Though not getting a Super Bowl in the next few years isn't "worth losing sleep over" for Tampa or Miami when they have had their fair share of them in the last few years...

    1. Anonymous Beazy,

      Please document how the TB area gets back a quarter for every nickle it spends on the Bucs.


  3. From 2011 coverage in the Tampa Bay Times:

    "Theoretically, that might be in 2016 — the year of the 50th Super Bowl — but chances could be better for 2017, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn said.

    "There's some thinking that the NFL may go with one of its original 'legacy' host cities — Los Angeles, Miami or New Orleans — for the 50th edition of the game.

    "Whatever the circumstances, Buckhorn said Tampa will make a pitch for the game at the city's next opportunity.

    "'I guarantee you that we will be in the mix,' he said. 'The NFL loves Tampa. We do these Super Bowls better than anybody in the country.' "