Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Marlins Close off Top Deck

Neil deMaus of Field of Schemes on the Marlins' decision to close its upper deck for some weeknight games:
That’s right: On top of setting a record last year for worst attendance in the first year in a new stadium, and being dead last in the league in attendance in their second year (though three American League teams have even sadder ticket sales, including the second-place Kansas City Royals), now the Marlins are using a cost-saving trick — and no matter what the team says about a “better fan experience,” this is mostly about saving operating costs by shutting down concession stands and restrooms in underused areas — that has previously been used only by teams demanding new stadiums because their old ones are so poorly attended.
He also adds one last link to a Miami Herald article about businesses backing out of deals to open up in the stadium's garage.

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