Sunday, October 6, 2013

Maddon: "We Got Out-Fenwayed"

It was not a fun weekend in Boston for the Rays, as a series of ballpark-aided miscues led to the team falling down 0-2 in their best-of-five series with the Red Sox.

Rays manager Joe Maddon said the team "got out-Fenwayed."  And David Price indicated the ballpark was one of the reasons the team struggled.  No doubt.

The Times' Tom Jones summarizes: (link to
I don't ever want to hear anyone whining about the catwalks at the Trop. Those things come into play a handful of times a season. But how many fly balls that should be outs clank off the Green Monster? The Red Sox hit two of those Saturday and both led to runs. Having said that, the Rays, through two games, acted like they had never seen Fenway, let alone played there.
Jones echoed my sentiment earlier this week after an old colleague of mine, Eric Wilbur, now writing for, likened Tropicana Field's ground rules to those of wiffleball:
I love Fenway.  I used to work for the Sox.  But if you have a problem with the Trop's catwalks, you surely must take issue with the fact that balls would clang off a ladder in the middle of the Green Monster for decades. Or that its foul poles sit just some-300' away, shorter than MLB rules permit.   Or that its centerfield triangle has just as many ground rules as the Trop's catwalks. 

Look, MLB fans love their quirks. They love them so much, when the Astros opened their new ballpark back in 2000, they included a hill (and flagpole) in centerfield.  It was a tribute to the dangerous "quirk," called "Duffy's Cliff," that was removed from Fenway's centerfield eons ago.

Finally, realize that Fenway Park and Tropicana Field aren't nearly as different as you may think.


  1. "Finally coming out of the closet about your (love) for the Sox?" lol "I guess we should take your Rays disses with a grain of salt?"

  2. Yeah because he might like the Sox, everything he says about the Rays is in question.

    Read back more than 2 days and you'll find Noah criticizing the Red Sox sweetheart payoff deals just as much as the Rays.

    Now go back to playing with your toys.

  3. (lol, Noah, is the type people (Paul) that you like agreeing w/ your ideology? What a shame)
    Look, Paula, I could get hood, and ask you who in the hell are you talking to, but I'm trying to figure out what in the hell your talking about? Though, I guess we shouldn't of expected any other comment like the one you wrote, understanding that most extreme right-wingers talks out of their ass to any one that will listen! My comment was called competitive banter among guys about sports, something you never experienced because you seemed to not like sports, and never played it, probably because one would play w/ you w/ your personality. So "go back to playing" by yourself, and DON'T try to get in the middle of a conversation between grown men about sports!