Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rays Will Re-Open Tropicana Field to Face Boston in ALDS

Dust off the rays tank and the catwalks (actually, I learned they've never dusted the catwalks) - the Rays are re-opening the Trop for at least one more game, as they advance to the ALDS against Boston.

A few days ago, my WTSP colleague Grayson Kamm explored if the Rays will sell out their playoff game(s), and history has shown they probably will.  Except one variable he didn't mention was the high price of MLB playoff tickets.  Looks like the Rays did their best to keep things affordable, with bleacher seat prices between $30-$40 each and some other grandstand seats in the $48-$78 range.

Still, I've always maintained the Trop's biggest problem is a lack of a "cool" - a factor that shouldn't be much of a problem with Tampa Bay jumping on the playoff bandwagon.  Playing the Red Sox in primetime slots shouldn't hurt either.


  1. LOL, "the Trop's biggest problem is that it isn't cool"...

  2. I'm guessing we'll finally see you at the place you like to villianize in your Red Sox gear... #GoRays

  3. (cricket! cricket!), I thought so... Boston Red Sox fans using a blog to tell Tampa Bay people what do, what a shame...