Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tampa, Miami Eliminated from 2018 Super Bowl Bidding

The NFL made it clear Tuesday that if you want to host a Super Bowl these days, it's going to cost you money.

Miami heard that message loud and clear, blaming a failed renovation effort (largely subsidized by tax dollars) for its elimination from 2018 Super Bowl contention.  The finalists were announced as: New Orleans, Indianapolis, and Minneapolis.

Tampa was also shut out of the finalist bidding, something I speculated might happen with the league "owing" Super Bowls to a number of cities with recently-built stadiums.

"The state of Florida really got the shaft here," Rodney Barreto, chairman of the South Florida Super Bowl Committee told the Sun-Sentinel.

The Dolphins' billionare owner, Steve Ross, said it goes to show how important public funds are to the equation, and while he's willing to put a little more of his own cash into stadium renovations, he won't do it without public contributions.  Although now, without an imminent Super Bowl, some in South Florida may be hard-pressed to validate the stadium subsidies.


  1. Cue Dufala barging in and saying the city of Tampa should pour even more money into Ray Jay to keep it up to Super Bowl standards, and how doing so would be a "progressive" thing to do, and that it will benefit every single living organism within the metro area.

  2. It seems we're finally getting the idea when it comes to cities using billion dollar businesses to help city growth for generation after generation. Though it's understandable that it's easier to not do the long math, and simply be a nah sayer from the outside...