Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Beckham Subsidy Campaign Needs More Scrutiny Than Selfies

Could the Florida legislature really be considering an annual $2 million subsidy to David Beckham?

Beckham, one of the world's richest athletes, who said months ago he would bring soccer to Miami without public subsidies, was is the state capital yesterday doing what else? Lobbying for public subsidies.
Because, you know, why not drizzle some tax dollars on a guy who makes $47 million a year and is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 million?

No matter how much Mr. Posh Spice may talk about jobs and economic development, it's not like Miami's in need of more part-time hot dog vendors or stadium developers.

If the state is serious about scrutinizing stadium subsidies and other public handouts, there are enormous questions to be asked about why Beckham - or MLS - should get tax dollars. 
On this issue, we need more scrutiny than selfie's.

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  1. Well, like what the Rays will help do for downtown Tampa, but on a smaller scale, the stadium is designed to draw millions of people from all over the world year around for decades to downtown Miami, which will boost the value of Miami's land & bring lots more money into Miami's economy which helps Florida as a whole, and make more than their initial investment in the long run...
    And though the Marlins play in a older neighborhood outside of Miami, give it some time, like what the Giants, Nationals, Rockies, Mariners, Pirates, Orioles, etc. newer ballparks did for their surrounding areas. And no the Trop isn't a good model for what I'm talking about, because the Trop never developed to be the-place-to-be, along with not as many people live as close, and alot of them that are are up north during the summer months, which is what helps the Lightning. And like what the older hockey-loving northerners that live down here during hockey season, and has the money to do so, does for the Lightning, the large population of baseball-loving Spanish (all 73k opposed to only 12k in St.Pete) that live here year round within walking distance is the key to the Rays attendance issues. Not including the ever increase of attendance from places like WC and Orlando while still drawing good from Pinellas...