Thursday, March 27, 2014

Forbes: Rays Value Up to $485 Million

The newest Forbes franchise valuations are out, and the Tampa Bay Rays have climbed again, this time to $485 million.  Last year, Forbes had the team at $451 million, and in $323 million in 2012.

Once again, the Yankees ($2.5B) led the way, with the Dodgers ($2.0B), Red Sox ($1.5B), Cubs ($1.2B) and Giants ($1B) rounding out the billionaires' club.

Some thoughts on the Rays' numbers:

Bad news: The team once again ranks dead last, $5 million behind the lowly Royals.
Good news: When Stu Sternberg assumed principal ownership in 2005, the Rays' estimated value was only $167 million.

Bad news: Rays appear to only be turning a profit because of revenue sharing.
Good news: Once again, they appear to be turning a profit! Their $15.3M in operating revenue is 12th in the league, and its unclear if the team has ever failed to turn an annual profit under Sternberg.

Bad news: The team only took in an estimated $36 million at the gate last year.
Good news: There are more DJ Kitty giveaways in 2014!!

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