Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Latest Chapter in Blue Jays/Dunedin Saga

This morning, Keyonna Summers reports the Blue Jays held their first meeting with the city of Dunedin about possibly extending their spring training commitment past 2017 {link to Times' site}:
But on Monday, team officials appeared open to staying after the team's contract expires in 2017, Mayor Dave Eggers said. The contract includes two five-year renewal options, and the city hopes the Jays will commit to staying even longer.

"I would characterize the meeting as excellent," Eggers said.
(Eggers) said preliminary talks indicate the Jays want the city's Englebert Complex, the team's practice facility, expanded, but most work would likely focus on either extensive renovations or a complete overhaul of Florida Auto Exchange Stadium, where the team plays games.
Asked about Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos' comments last month that the team would still look elsewhere if approached with a good opportunity, Eggers said "no deals obviously are done until both parties sign off."
That last graf cannot be overstated: the Blue Jays will continue to shop around for any and all Florida communities willing to throw money at stadium subsidies.

And every headline about progress in Dunedin will only improve the team's bargaining position in places like Wesley Chapel.  Just ask the Astros!

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  1. Well, with as many people that lives in Dunedin because of the Blue Jays & because of having baseball period, the Blue Jays needs Dunedin because of their fan base built up there over the course of the last 28 years just as much as Dunedin needs the added economy through spending & increased property value...