Saturday, September 27, 2014

Good Weekend Reading: NFL's Non-Profit Status, Rays TV Ratings, White Flight in Atlanta

Check these out if you have a few boring moments this weekend:
  1. SaintPetersblog: One US Senator is renewing efforts to challenge the NFL's "non-profit" status, something touched upon on this site over the years.  After all, how many other non-profit CEOs can you name that make $44M/yr?  Of course, the NFL spends enough lobbying to make sure the threat disappears.
    • UPDATE: Field of Schemes and Bloomberg point out the NFL may be essentially passing its tax-exempt status along to its teams...which doesn't pass the sniff test, even if it is exploiting a legal loophole in the law
  2. SunSports: Rays television ratings continue to kill it, propelling the network to a No. 1 rating among all cable TV channels in primetime this season.
  3. Vice Sports: Race is a huge challenge to the Atlanta Hawks and their fellow ATL sports teams.  That's the real reason why, as I wrote last year, the Braves are moving to the 'burbs.

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