Friday, September 19, 2014

Rays Donate Another $25,000 to Greenlight Pinellas

Maybe the Rays are warming up to the idea of staying in Pinellas County with the possibility of a transit referendum passing?

According to election records, the team has now made another $25,000 donation to the Friends of GreenLight campaign, fighting to get light rail and improved bus service to Pinellas County.  This blog has previously reported how the Rays, Bucs, and Lightning have all donated $25,000 to the campaign, which leaders on both sides of the bay have suggested would be a great step forward in solving the region's transit woes.

Earlier this week during a Twitter chat, Rays VP Matt Silverman said this:
Transit would certainly help the team regardless of where it were to play in the bay area.  However, with Hillsborough County lagging behind in transit planning, maybe the Rays are stepping up their commitment to Pinellas a little more?  It is, after all, where I've always said the team would end up long-term....

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