Sunday, September 21, 2014

Report: Vinik Warm to USF Medical School Downtown

According to Jerome Stockfisch's story in today's Tampa Tribune, Lightning owner Jeff Vinik and Mayor Bob Buckhorn are both very warm to idea of a new USF medical school in Downtown Tampa.

While the article doesn't mention anything about baseball, here's some food for thought:  Vinik is talking about an entertainment complex, a new hotel, and possibly a medical school.  Maybe he has been buying up huge plots of land downtown to prevent baseball from ever coming and competing with his hockey product?



  1. They barely overlap. Only playoff season would overlap and we both know who wins that battle

  2. I doubt he is trying to prevent a baseball team from coming. It wouldn't be a sound business decision to do so. He is creating a community and would probably welcome any opportunity that brings and adds additional people to the area. If there was a stadium those people would visit his entertainment complex and any other retail that gets built.