Wednesday, November 12, 2014

X-Rays Spex: An Open Letter to Stu Sternberg

"An open letter to Stu Sternberg," reposted from X-Rays Spex:
Dear Stu,

While you’ll deny the rumors you’ve been in contact with New York investors regarding a potential relocation to Montreal, you’re adopting the same tactic other owners have used for years now: Exploiting another city — in this case Montreal — as leverage in the fight for a publicly financed stadium. Is Montreal a legitimate threat? Who can really say?

What I will say, you’re not making the organization that I love very likable. Perception is everything, and if the Bay Area perceives you to be less than honest — especially since you haven’t come forward with any evidence the organization is losing money — there’s no way that either side of the bay will vote in favor of a new facility for the Rays.

(And yes, I believe they deserve a new stadium)
In the end, if both Pinellas and Hillsborough voted down their respective publicly funded mass transit referendums, there’s no way a publicly funded stadium will be approved if the organization isn’t up front and honest.



  1. Tampa Bay is no better-we exploited other cities by trying to steal their teams in our pursuit of major league baseball-examples being Chicago and Seattle!

  2. voter approval, if necessary for whatever new stadium deal is arranged or proposed, will hinge on many things. If for example such a boat took place in very close proximity to I don't know say a raise World Series appearance, chances of passing are much higher. Ironically, if the Rays had not pulled the plug on their 2008 DTSP proposal, the public vote would have taken place within weeks of the World Series, and the Rays would be playing in their new stadium downtown already.