Sunday, November 2, 2014

Rowdies' Year-End Attendance Numbers Unimpressive

The Rowdies wrapped up their 2014 campaign last night in front of an announced crowd of 6,377.  It brought their fall average, according to the Doherty Soccer blog, up to 4,301.  The team's spring earlier in the year was 4,998.

All-told, the team's 4,550 average for 2014 marks a modest improvement of about 500 fans per game from 2013.  But its far off the pace suggested by owner Bill Edwards when he took control of the team last year.

This blog has documented Edwards' push for stadium improvements in St. Pete and his goal to one day land - and fill - a 18,000-to-20,000 seat stadium.  He suggested the team could draw 7,000 per game this year.

Lingering stadium issues haven't helped Edwards' efforts, so we'll keep an eye on future years to see if St. Pete's most prominent businessman can turn this project around like he has so many others.

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  1. Care to source where Bill Edwards said that the Rowdies would draw 7,000 per game this year? As far as I and many others can think of, he never said that. I would like to read where you gathered that bit of information from.

    1. He told it to me during a press conference.

    2. Make that a media availability, not a press conference.