Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Rich (MLB Owners) Keep Getting Richer

Maury Brown, now writing for Field of Green (not to be confused with Field of Schemes), writes today that MLB owners are getting richer and richer thanks to massive new revenue streams:
Revenues from television and digital media rights are flowing into Major League Baseball at a rate that is far outpacing how much is getting spent on players. Sure, there’s the occasional mega-contract (stand up and take a bow, you 13-year, $325 million contact that the Miami Marlins and Giancarlo Stanton reached late last year), but in the overall, the amount of revenues going to player salaries has dropped dramatically over the years, from 56 percent of revenues in 2002 down to just 38 percent last year.

And this downward trend will certainly be seen again this year as new revenue sources are coming into MLB. Yesterday, a media rights deal that sees MLB Advanced Media purchasing content from the NHL will cost MLBAM $100 million annually for six years, but in the end that deal will be the start of something that will involve billions more flowing back to MLB when they spin-off a new media company called BAM Tech.
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  1. Well, we "can't knock the hustle" though it's to bad owners don't pay their "front office" enough, and help lower the cost of attending games, but hey, "people are worth what they get paid" & "get as much as they'll give"...
    On a side note, I'm sure this article is another smear on wealth in a free market...

  2. Yaaaaayyyyyyy! Our owners make more than your owners!!!!!!!