Monday, September 21, 2015

Unforced Errors Abound for Rays' Best Political Hope

While the Rays continue to refuse to get involved in St. Pete's pivotal District 7 council race, the owner of the Tampa Bay Rowdies is doing the opposite.

SaintPetersblog reports Bill Edwards, a well-known and well-financed Republican supporter, has bankrolled a campaign mailer for Lisa Wheeler-Brown, "preferred choice of much of the local Democratic Party establishment."

There is a lot at stake for baseball fans, with Wheeler-Brown vowing to give Mayor Rick Kriseman the fifth vote he needs to get the Rays MOU approved; while her opponent, Will Newton, has indicated he would not.

But there may be even more at stake for Edwards, who could benefit from the Rays leaving St. Pete so he can move ahead with his Rowdies stadium ask?

Of course, unforced errors like this and this won't help Wheeler-Brown, Edwards, or Rays fans in Tampa...

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  1. Sounds like someone upset a Republican is set to lose an election, and he's using his blog to express his right-wing opinion about it.

    1. Maybe he just doesn't want to see the Rays move?

    2. Both candidates are Democrats. As are numerous politicians mentioned in my recent investigation:

      But its always fun when I'm criticized for my political beliefs from the left and the right!


    "Could be forced to pay an estimated $173 million."

    When an owner drains a company that is later stuck with a major liability (like a False Claims Act whistleblower judgment, for example), the common description is "abuse of the corporate form" or "abuse of limited liability". One remedy is for the corporate "veil" of limited liability to be pierced, exposing the principals to *personal* liability for a liability that would normally be limited to the corporation's assets. Put differently, veil piercing removes the legal separation between the entity and the looting owner. Sudden draining of a corporation's assets and large distributions to individual shareholders are tell-tale signs of legal looting. DLA Piper will have to pull a rabbit out of a hat for Mr. Edwards.

  3. I wonder if Edwards likes the idea the Braves can move in and take tax dollars?