Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Role Reversal: Selig and Manfred Lobbying for Rays Stadium

Since there's no Hall of Fame to the business of baseball, Bud Selig was selected for induction into the regular ole' Baseball Hall of Fame. Because, you know, a lasting legacy of competitive imbalance is something we should all celebrate.

But then again, when EVERYBODY in MLB is getting rich....who's to complain?

Of course, Selig was happy to share his opinions on the Rays stadium saga.  However, it was a far cry from the fearmongering theme he used to pressure Tampa Bay for so many years (see links below). This week, he told reporters he was "optimistic" about the situation.

Hell, it's a new offseason! Stu Sternberg has said he's "optimistic" too!

Then, there's current commissioner, Rob Manfred, to rain on the parade.

The man who said just two months ago that he was "positive about the prospects for a (Rays) stadium"...said this week, according to Marc Topkin:
"I think getting, not only a new facility, but a facility that is more appropriately located within the Tampa-St. Pete market would be good.

"Ultimately, there has to be an end game. If in fact, there's not a site or there's not a financial arrangement that's viable and we become convinced of that, our rules allow for the possibility of relocation.

"At that point of desperation, it's possible a team would be allowed to relocate."
Calling on the public to cough up tax dollars?  Check.

A pleasant reminder the team can relocate?  Check.

A non-threat threat and fearmongering?  Check.

Seems like Manfred really did learn a thing or two from Selig.

A brief history of Selig and the Stadium Saga:

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  1. .. at the same time, Stephen Bronfman and his ownership team in Montreal is ready and wants a team within 3-5 years. Check. All this information coming at the same time, carefully orchestrated is not an accident.

    1. Newsflash! No one really cares about playing baseball in Quebec, besides maybe a few wealthy folks with a pipe dream, and a few old Expo fans that can't let go of the past...

      Go "troll" White Sox or Athletics sites...

    2. Montreal will always be part of the Tampa conversation until it gets a stadium. Personally, I prefer getting an expansion team than welcoming Sternberg here.

    3. Don't worry B. Dufala
      We don't want your team. We just want your city to build a stadium already...so we could finally go ahead with expansion.
      And that's right, we don't need your owner, we have local investors who are ready to play ball!!

    4. Yawn....
      Expansion here we come!!!
      I feel like a kid in a candy store..
      We welcome all of you to Montreal
      for opening day!
      Even you banker...

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. ... and average the lowest attendance year after year again like they did before moving to Washington!?

    7. @B. Dufala, let's revisit what happen to the attendances in Montreal and let's apply the same chain of events to any small-medium MLB markets to see if the story would have been different in those cities.



      Expos never played into a "real" downtown baseball stadium in Montreal. Montreal Impact play into a real soccer stadium and the can easily fill the seat (20 000) for those games. Even if the stadium is next to the Big O.

      Stay Tuned!

    8. Nice try using a bunch of excuses that the Rays could use as well for it's same attendance issues...

    9. Now the next question @Dufala is which city (Montreal or Tampa Bay) will announce their new stadium (plan, funding) first?

      Bronfman confirmed stadium plan, funding, business plan are completed this week.

      Stay Tuned at Goose Village with Griffintown REM station!

    10. ok B.
      then explain to us 10k per night in a world series season (2008)?

    11. Com'on man, we all know "plans" are presented like so when there isn't a real possibility of actually happening, like a politician saying anything knowing he won't win. It's called "throwing shit against the wall seeing if anything will stick". Tampa can't say anything, nor haven't been able to for years, "a good business move"...

      @Dave, ? they averaged 22k that year! "Ok", "then explain" the Expos ave. only 7k when TB ave. 16k in 01', or only 9k when TB ave. 13k in 02', or only 9k when TB ave. 16k in 04'???

  2. After hundreds of post stating the facts that city investments in sports pays dividends, I recently read an article of a Conservative Mayor that understands through real facts & numbers that this blog is simply on the wrong side of the stadium...
    "Mayor Lenny Curry, a self-described conservative and former chairman of the state Republican party, fired back at Americans for Prosperity and said the event produces economic benefits for the city by attracting tourists and boosting local business sales.

    “Annual events like this generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue for our city,” Curry said in his own statement. “Outside special interests not knowing the facts doesn’t change this equation. It’s a good investment for our city and the taxpayers.”"

    We know, Noah knows the numbers & facts more
    then our Governments...

    1. Heads-in-beds events, like the college football championship, produce much more direct economic impact than pro teams, which tend to draw mostly locals and compete with other local spending.

    2. True, but maybe you stay in the house all weekend, but go downtown or over to CWB and you'll see thousands vacationing here to see their team play ours...

    3. There are not thousands of fans vacationing here to see games at the Trop, Arena, and typically not RayJay either.

  3. Montreal won't be getting a team. YOU can take THAT to the bank!

    1. Glad to see your still alive Banker!

      And now, the usage of UPPERCASE make your message even stronger!

  4. $tu got permission to look around Tampa Bay and after doing so was met with a giant yawn. Ball is in your court $tu.

  5. Tampa Bay will not be losing the Rays. I mean where are all of the local bandwagon fans go to watch "their" teams that play the Rays?