Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Selig Thinks Baseball Can Work in Tampa Bay...Maybe Because it's Currently Working in Tampa Bay?

In his annual All-Star Weekend press avail, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig reminded us he is still un-intervening in the Rays' Stadium Saga {link to Times' site}:
"It's obvious they need a new stadium," Selig said. "It's no secret. … All you have to do is look at the daily attendance figures, the attendance figure to date this year, … and you can see what they need."

Despite MLB-worst attendance — an average of 16,902 that is barely half of the MLB average (30,028), Selig said, "The demographics in the market are good, I have no question about that."

Asked later if that meant he felt that baseball can work in the market, he told the Tampa Bay Times, "I'm sure it can, but talk to Stu Sternberg."
For what its worth, Sternberg emailed the Times later and said he was optimistic of the progress with Mayor Rick Kriseman at the helm of St. Pete.

Selig also said Montreal was an "excellent candidate" to land another MLB team sometime, but wouldn't elaborate.  Why?

Because, of course, he's confident baseball can work in Tampa Bay, as long as the Rays get a new stadium!

My response would be, "is baseball working in Tampa Bay right now?"  Because the team is turning a profit, it's usually competitive, and its TV ratings are high enough the team will get a huge windfall in 2017....it would seem to be working.

So then, Mr. Commissioner, at what point would baseball in Tampa Bay stop working without a new stadium?  Are we talking 2015 or 2025?  Because that's a big difference to the taxpayers being asked to figure it out and shell out the cash.

Anyway, the latest headlines are not worth getting worked up about - they're really just fodder for sports talk guys so they can make bold statements like "it is time to quit playing around and address the Rays stadium issue once and for all" because "Montreal could be back in the baseball business by 2027."

Because we only have 13 years to solve this problem!!!


  1. Selig also said something along the lines of Montreal needing to do more than just show up to two preseason games before it could be considered as a potential landing spot for an MLB team. That alone should have quelled those rumors (note I said "should *have*")

  2. Well, "looking at the BIG picture", 5-10-15 yrs from now, THEY know there will be a nice new ballpark in a vibrant Channelside, drawing 10k more people a game w/ new hotels, stores, condos, etc. around there. Plus w/ places like Wesley Chapel, Riverview, Fish Hawk, etc. twice it's size by then. And let's not forget about a population that will continue to grow which will automatically increase attendance & the all important TV ratings, and let's not forget also ALL the lil' Rays fans now that will be 10+ yrs older, and be able to drive to the games, and will start making baby's that will become the next generation of Rays fans! lol #ItOnlyGetsBetter

  3. Channelside and vibrant are words that don't go together....

  4. Jp, enjoy the closet you live in...