Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bill Foster Wishes Rick Kriseman Luck on Rays Stadium Saga

From Bill Foster's exit interview with Mark Puente {link to Times' site}:
Reflecting on another decision, Foster said he is proud he protected taxpayers in the stadium stalemate with the Tampa Bay Rays.

He hopes Kriseman does the same, saying: "If he handles this situation the way I did, the Rays will be here in five years. If he deviates, then I don't think they'll be south of the Mason-Dixon line."

Although Foster served on the council before he became mayor, he said his family wasn't prepared for repeated criticism he received as the city's leader. Attacks from residents and editorial boards were some of the hardest parts of the job, he added.
What ever could Foster be talking about?

Actually, he brings up some good points that have been addressed previously in this blog:

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