Thursday, December 26, 2013

Reader calls Henderson a "Lazy Sportswriting Diva"

Gee, I hope this Tampa Tribune letter to the editor wasn't referring to me when it referenced "lazy sportswriter divas!"
How utterly offensive and disgusting were the comments by (Joe) Henderson about the Rays not going anywhere but Tampa. Saying Montreal was not “stupid enough” to build a stadium without a team was a direct slam at St. Pete. He still has not accepted the fact that St. Pete has a team, and Tampa does not — despite the lazy reporting of many sport “pros” who call the team Tampa.

Back during the baseball wars across the bay, there were many ugly comments coming from the Tampa side. Unfortunately, the Tampa fans did not have the energy to support the team, just complain.

I can’t wait to hear the complaints of people trying to get to downtown Tampa at rush hour for a game. I’ve already talked with a friend in Tampa who said he prefers going to the Trop, rather than having your downtown location.

Seems like the only folks who do not like going to the game at the Trop are those who want to make money off the team, and the lazy sportswriter divas. Fans love it!
I have to imagine Henderson has developed a thick skin over his years as a sports columnist, and I also imagine its not the worst he's been called... 


  1. Well, I guess we can call those who call the Tampa Bay Rays the Tampa Rays "lazy sports" fans, and maybe we can start calling other teams by their stadium locations like the Miami Gardens Dolphins, or the Sunrise Panthers, or the East Rutherford Jets & Giants, or the Anaheim Angels, or the Charlotte Panthers or Bobcats, or the Foxboro Patriots, or the Orchard Park Bills, or the Arlington Cowboys, or the Landover Redskins, or the Auburn Hills Pistons, etc.! Also, anyone that thinks traffic would be worst in Tampa doesn't know what their talking about. Having a 8 lane i275, the Selmon Expressway, sr60, i4, i75 & the Suncoast pkw. just down the road, including all the other smaller roads to use to leave Channelside is BETTER then only basically having i275 N or S in St.Pete to use!

  2. Am I the only person with a problem with professional commentators (not fans) who still, after all these years, cannot call our local teams by their right name? Bob Costas (to name one) doesn't call the Panthers "Charlotte" - why the difference?