Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Would Brewers Really Move to Fla.? Could Pinellas Co. Really Land Another Team?

My focus at the Winter Meetings Tuesday was spring training and what fallout we'd eventually see if the Blue Jays and Astros continue their plans to move to Palm Beach Gardens.

Of course, there was the recent news about Dunedin (and thus, Pinellas Co.) courting the Brewers.  But after speaking to some Pinellas County commissioners today, I learned of another idea that had been thrown against the wall (who knows if it will stick): possibly expanding Clearwater's Brighthouse Field to accommodate a second spring team.

Granted, its a longshot, but the creative move would qualify for matching state spring training retention funds (even if Pinellas just steals a team from another Florida city).

Then again, one good source in Milwaukee told me the Brewers would only entertain the Florida idea to drum up leverage to get their desired renovations in Phoenix.

Meanwhile, Pinellas has its hands full with all the mouths that want to be fed from the tourist tax trough...a Clearwater aquarium, beach renourishment, and a BMX park are just a few of the interests that have requested county money.  And if the Rays want the $200 million or so that will soon be available they'd better ask fast!  (Hillsborough, by the way, cannot bond nearly that much from new bed taxes)

Either way, this is all good hot stove talk on a day where the Rays declined all comments on their Stadium Saga....

Read more about Pinellas County's plan on WTSP.com.

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  1. Brewers will get what they want in Az., they are just playing Fl. as their leverage.
    Why should they move to end up in a split setup that the Jayz don't want? As bad as the ballpark neighborhood is for crowds now, the Engelbert neighborhood would be even worse and those nearby (school included) will fight the expansion tooth and nail. On top of this, the public use fields will disappear for parking, there's not much available open space in north Pinellas for the kind of real estate MLB franchises demand these days.
    In the current atmosphere of irrational exuberance by sports sheep about giving away the store to sports franchises this clear headed outlook isn't popular, but it is realistic.