Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happy Anniversary! Shadow of the Stadium Turns Five

Five years ago today, the price of a stamp was only 44 cents; a gallon of gas was $2.05; and the value of the Rays was only $320 million.  Those prices are now, respectively: 49 cents; $3.71; and $485 million (or $530 million, according to Bloomberg).

A lot's happened in the last five years, including the birth - and growth - of Shadow of the Stadium. And today, on its fifth birthday, I thank everyone for following along with what aims to provide some big-picture perspective on where, when, how, and if a new Rays stadium should be built in Tampa Bay.

It's hard to keep track of more than 900 posts, but below are some of this blog's most buzz-generating posts in its first five years:


  1. Noah,

    Thank you for your on-going diligence and patience as you keep this site alive and relevant.

    One more data point - 5 years ago the Glazer family net worth was $2.2 billion and today it is $4.6 billion. We Hillsborough county taxpayers have only 14 more years to contribute $24 million per year to them via the RayJay subsidy.

  2. It's nice to be a part of these important discussions while offering the "other side of the coin" opinions. Keeping fighting the good fight NO'ah (lol)...