Friday, May 2, 2014

Rays Get On-Board to Support "Greenlight Pinellas" Transit Referendum

Just as they did in 2010, the Tampa Bay Rays are supporting a local transit referendum.   It's not clear how much - if any - financial support the team will lend to Greenlight Pinellas, but SaintPetersblog provides initial details:
The Tampa Bay Rays, BayCare Health System, Raymond James Financial, St. Petersburg College, and the Pinellas Realtor Association all are signing on to increasingly controversial plan to increase taxes in order to pay for expanded mass transit options in Pinellas.

During a press conference at St. Anthony’s Hospital, speakers representing these five organizations spoke about their support for Greenlight Pinellas.

  Tony Marrero reports {link to Times' site} the Rays pledged $25,000 to the campaign, citing a "first step toward a regionwide transit system (that) will benefit Rays fans no matter where we are in the region in the future. More importantly, that transit system will help Tampa Bay grow, and as Tampa Bay grows, so will the Rays."

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